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Lifes Good

Finally competed in my first IRL CTF competiton last Saturday. Went with a new friend I made from Uni. The CTF covered steganogrophy, cryptography, reverse engineering, and of course, Web Applications. I scored all the Stego flags and Misc flags. Together my friend and I scored most of the Web Application flags, we werent able to do any of the reverse engineering flags just because neither of us have actually done any Reverse Engineering. All in all, out of 26 teams that registered, with most of these teams 4+ people each, our little two person team managed to score 7th. So, no prizes or anything, but shit dude. 7th out of 26 for my first? I'm more than happy about those results.

But, all in all, lifes good. Im learning a lot, Lil CyberSecurity club I started at my Uni is getting off the ground, making good connections. Im very happy with where I am in life. Now I get to be on Spring Break :) Gonna conquer some remote CTFs over break, complete some projects, and LEARN.