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The future of internet privacy

The monetization of our data will only become further advanced. Services that are opt in by default like Clearview, will only increase. The next major service will be one that scrapes information from all faucets, and will have an algorithm to detect the kind of person you are. Put someones name on the search, and their musical preferences, political beliefs, drug useage, income, marital status, etc. Any possible bit of information about the person you are will be displayed along with the likeliness of accuracy. Just like cloudview, it will scrape instagram, facebook, linked in, but it will also scrape more; amazon accounts, spotify accounts, youtube accounts, and any place that might have information on you. The ability to abuse a service like this is very high.

Using aliases wont save you, itll know how you type, what kinds of words and phrases you use (thank google keyboard, if you have a google account and use an android, they already have this information and can do this :) and be able to track down any of your other accounts if they share common data, even your speech signature.

This is not some grand prediction, its the writing on the wall. The data collection being done today allows this to happen already, a centralized compilation system just has not been made yet. Maybe ClearView will just extend their service to something that works like what Ive described. Its not some big secret honestly, its just most people just look the other way where theres shiny new fun toys to play with.