The collapse of the United States is inevitable

Empires, nations, and governments rise and fall. The sands of time erode great nations and carve out new ones. The United States is not special, it isnt free from these things, and the United States IS collapsing. Will the United States still exist in the future? Yes, it will still exist. Just like Spain and Britain still exist. They were both once great global powers and are now shadows of what they once were. The United States will join them.

The Coronavirus will continue to spread across America because of the Federal Governments failure to react properly. This will devestate the economy even further, and while the EU and China and other nations reopen and get back to work, the United States will still be dealing with the virus and be suffering. We will NOT bounce back. The Federal Government will employ socialism for corporations and rugged individualism for the people, giving bailoutsto companies that couldnt rough it, and little to nothing to the people. Many of these bailouts will be unneeded and will be abused by the corporations receiving them.

The racial tensions will continue to rise in America. White liberals will try to be thoughtful and do things like "not call the police" and this well intended kindness will be abused. When its abused those on the right will use those events as fuel to stoke the fire.

America will continue to suffer economically and socially and when things finally settle down China will be the worlds leading power.

Anyways thats just my prediction, if shit goes the way I see it going im going to point back here and go "told you suckers". But honestly I really hope im wrong :-(