White and Black

I have a little dilemma. This isnt the only blog I run. I run another one thats for corpo shit, ykno, so employers see that im active in the field and I do projects and stuff. Makes me a more attractive higher. For obvious reasons, I dont post my rants on that blog. My projects and various cool shit I do mostly gets posted there and not here, its important to make sure theres no chance employers find out Mr. John Doe is also got-r00t and has a lot of hot takes on things. We live in a cancel culture and some of the things I talk about can be perceived as tinfoil hat shit. SO! On this blog I really can only post shit I cant post on my corpo one. So thatd be any hacks done in the real world, and of course, various hot takes on the world. The internets a big place, so I know theres room for an average hackers takes on the world, but a lot of the time I wish I could crosspost projects to here. But in the wise words of Dual Core, keep identities and profiles completely seperated