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More Exploitation of the Citizen

During this plague, Ive spent more time reading the news, and consequentially Ive been getting more political. The following will be a rant.

So cool, everyones losing their jobs and businesses cant pay their employees. Government has a money printer though, prints some money to be disbursed to small businesses in need, and allows the banks to disburse it. WHAT HAPPENS? The banks just go OH Cool! How can I maximize my profit off this? They maximize their profit off of larger lump sums dolled out due to bank fees applied to higher sum amounts. So no small businesses actually GET any of the money they were allotted by the federal government. Instead it goes to the businesses that asked for the most amount of money.


Also this 200 check has been PATHETIC. Hardly anyone actually receives them. The amount itself is pathetic. There is absolutely no plan and at the very tippy top of the federal government is an indecisive buffoon who wants to open the economy back up ASAP. So FUCK. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The more I think about this shit the angrier I get. Im FED UP.

Im completely STARVED of social interaction. Im also completely STARVED of FOOD. Ive lost seven pounds this month. COOL! And im about to be STARVED of any fucking SANITY.

Shits got me up with insomnia. Stress. Bad news. Inability to change what im displeased with. I hate feeling powerless. Its been a long time since the last hacktivist crew. Shit.. Maybe I need to get some of my goons together. Maybe this virus can go fuck itself. Maybe my body will let me fall asleep.

Ive rambled enough. /root